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Our Manufacturing facilities are wide spread, depending on specific products end and also the needs of specific markets. It is our manufacturing excellence that most of our customer Believe that Shigan means Quality Product.

Shigan is manufacturing from basic machining compound to high end Sub Assembly and assy used for fuel systems. All high pressure Product manufacturing at Shigan are tested and certified 100% on line.

  1. Capable of making all types of high pressure regulators
  2. In house capability of testing parts from 1 bar to 200 bar of pressure
  3. In house manufacturing capability of automotive controllers
  4. In house testing capability of sensors and other electronic equipments
  5. Precision machines capable of meeting stringent dimensional and flatness requirement
  6. All parts related to turning and sliding head can be manufactured with accuracy and precision
  7. Endurance and validation testing of major parts are done in-house.
ECU Assembly Line Injector Assembly Line
Clean Room-1 HPR Assembly Line
Injector Testing Line-1 Injector Testing Line-2
Machining Facility-1 Machining Facility-2
Injection Molding Machine Laser Welding Machine
Laser Etching Machine Ultrasonic Cleaner

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