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1957: Orient Transport Agency

Established By Sh. ML Agrawal in 1957, guiding the Shigan Group towards the goal of victory, acquiring leadership in the area of Logistic. We have an experience of handling different categories of services in First Mile Deliveries. Backed by experience of 64 years, knowledge, expertise, confidence and Infrastructure to cater to the ever changing requirement of our customer, company forays into Last Mile Delivery now.

1997: Shigan Telematics Pvt. Ltd.

Shigan Telematics Pvt Ltd provides the telematic platform of new generation GPS tracking service for your personal and commercial vehicle. We provide the devices which determine location and other data and send it to our server. We also provice the Speed Limiter Testing & Certificate in NCR region.

2002: CLH Gaseous Fuel Applications Pvt. Ltd.

CLH Gaseous Fuel Applications Pvt. Ltd. provides complete solution for in house CNC, VNC Machining. We have a huge infrastructure for in house machining solution. We provice the complete solution for Dual Fuel and Automatic Transmission. Where ever CNG is available in all over India, our service team presence are there. We have our team in all major OEMs manufacturing locations too.

2007: Shigan Fuel System Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Shigan Fuel System Solutions Pvt Ltd is the leading solution provider for conversion of Pertol vehicle to natural gas. All petrol engines can be converted to natural gas. Converting from petrol to CNG is saved your fuel capacity up to 65%.

2008: Shigan Quantum Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Shigan Quantum Technologies Pvt Ltd objective is to provide integrated solution to the Automotive customers in India and Asia Pacific region. Major focus of the group is on alternative fuel system solution for the Automotive and Power Generation application. Shigan Quantum Technologies Pvt Ltd provide LPG, CNG, HCNG, Hydrogen and dual fuel system solutions to various Automotive and Industrial customers.

2017: Shigan Autotronics Pvt. Ltd.

higan Autotronics Pvt Ltd is engaged in Designing, Manufacturing, Assembling and Testing of different type of automotive sensors for all the major OEM in India. We have global partners for design & developing different type of sensore as per the aplications.

2017: Shigan eVoltz Limited

Shigan eVoltz Limited is a brand name of Electric Vehicles across India.Shigan eVoltz Limited is a company owned by Haryana based young and dynamic entrepreneurs. While thinking big we started small. The promoters incorporated the company in 2015 with strong belief in the future of electric vehicles industry. With a strong product line and growing dealer network the company now stands as one of the most promising player in electric vehicles industry. Our major products include i-CAT approved e-rickshaws.

2017: Arieon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Arieon Technologies Pvt Ltd is an IT based company for complete software development work and for mobile aplication solution.

2018: Shigan Nexgen LLP

Shigan Nexgen LLP, a startup company for the new funding project and for the new technologies development projects. The company was started in 2018 and is engage in a lot of funding projects within India.

2018: Shigan Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

Shigan Financial Services Pvt Ltd is a Non-bank Financial Company (NBFC) estalised in 2018.

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