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Traceability is the ability to track every part and product throughout the manufacturing process, from the moment when raw materials enter the factory to the moment when final products are shipped.

Information on each part and product, including inspection results, assembly details and time spent at each station, is recorded from end-to-end.

Traceability is important?

There is often this notion that traceability only applies to products that might be subject to recalls. In those cases, it is obvious why traceability is important. You can’t effectively recall a defective or contaminated product without a full understanding of its source, history, and distribution.

  1. FIFO process followed throughout to ensure 100% traceability of production.
  2. We are a trusted supplier to automotive companies with vast on-field experience and fully integrated business model that offers 100% traceability at every step.
  3. All assemblies coded with serial number to ensure traceability right down to the individual parts or raw material.

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